Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Talented Ms. (Sara) Bareilles

On Monday, March 2, 2009 I lucked out with a ticket to the 2009 Grammy Nominated Sara Bareilles' sold out show at Schubas in Chicago. I got there just as the doors opened and asked the first few people in line if "anyone had an extra ticket?". Low and behold, a group of friends right in front of me had one extra ticket.  So, not only did I get a ticket, I got in the front of the line with them (since the extra ticket was under their name).  Naturally, being at the front of the line gives us choice pick at our viewing location.  We all stood front and center of the stage.  I generally prefer to be in the middle or first third of the audience so as to experience ideal acoustic sound.  However, I couldn't seem to give up the idea of being so close to such a talented singer/songwriter.

Sara's quirky personality and soulful voice filled the completely full intimate music venue at the back of Schubas the minute she walked out on the stage with her boutique makeover and perfectly coifed wavy hair. Unfortunately, throughout the show, two of the women beside me were taking photographs of Sara practically the entire show (with flash I might add). Despite the distraction, I enjoyed every song Sara and her band performed. I especially loved the songs Love Song, Vegas, Bottle it Up, One Sweet Love, Many the Miles, Rhianna's Umbrella and her new song Gonna Get over You/Someday. She even did a U2 cover after she told us about her Grammy experience this year when Bono was looking directly at her. Gravity, the name of the current tour, was my favorite song and of course the encore performance. Sara kept us entertained with emotional and graceful pop melodies and her silly banter in between each song.

Tony Lucca, an incredible vocalist, opened for Sara. I know we'll be seeing more of him in the future. Man does that guy have chops! He can hit notes so effortlessly. I can listen to him sing for hours. He's not too bad to look at either! I especially liked the song he sang about dating Keri Russell (from Felicty and Mission: Impossible III, Waitress, and August Rush). It was a cute story about his experience dating a celebrity. Of course he admitted that it was Keri when someone in the audience asked him who it was. I actually had the pleasure of seeing Keri Russell in person on the Jay Leno show in Los Angeles in May of 1999. 


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