Friday, January 23, 2009

Chris Cain Blues Band in Los Angeles

I've never seen such an entertaining and insanely talented blues band ever.  Chris Cain and his band are not  your average Blues Band.  On January 16, 2009, I saw this band at Harvelle's in Santa Monica, CA.  I was in awe not only of their musical talent but their showmanship and performance.  I found myself getting lost in Chris Cain's guitar jams yet pleasantly distracted by his intense facial expressions while he peformed.  I find Chris' passion and intensity so inspiring.   Additionally, his pianist, (who's name I don't know), was insanely talented.  I swear my eyes were peeled on him at least 50% of the time (when not mesmerized by Chris).  Have you ever seen a pianist play the piano with his feet or head?  That's what this guy did.  Not only were his blues and jazz jams hypnotizing but his untraditional foot and head jams were laugh out loud fun and entertaining.  This band makes you want to get out of your seat and dance.  I hope Chris Cain makes his way to Chicago someday.

On a side note, Harvelle's was a wonderful place to experience this trance-inducing musical adventure.  I for sure will go back to Harvelle's when I'm back in Los Angeles, California.